At the base of a good web site there is always a good plan. Is Drupal the right CMS for you? Is Magento the right choice for your eCommerce web site?

As Drupal and Magento experts, we can provide strategy and guidance on how these systems work and should integrate with your existing business. We can provide assessments that can help you make sure that Drupal or Magento make sense for you. At the end of this analysis you'll decide if Drupal or Magento is really the platform for you, and in this case we can provide a more detailed plan of actions for the design and implementation of your web site.

In short, we will never try to sell you Drupal or Magento no matter what!

As an example, this is a short set of questions we will need responses for during the initial analysis phase:

  • What base technology is best for you in the long-term?
  • When should we use open source? When an enterprise solution would be better for you instead?
  • How to discriminate between the crucial and mandatory aspects of your website from the nice-to-have features?
  • Are we being too ambitious for our budget?